Pop Up Displays

Pop Up Display Stands.

Give your exhibition space the wow factor with Pop Up Displays

1.8M, 2.2M and 3M high, Straight or curved, or multi shape options. Pop up display stands are one of the most successful exhibition stand display systems on the market. Their popularity exists because of there unique, simple rapid installation and removal properties combined with the ability to fit the whole display into a wheeled trolley.

Pop up display stands are available in three standard heights, plus a range of modular widths. This style of popup stand can be combined together to make a variety of shapes. There are many types of exhibition stand available today but the pop up display stand remains at the top offering unrivalled speed of assembly, portability, add to the mix that they are an economic solution and they become hard to beat.

Pop up display carry cases also double up as a podium on the stand yet will fit into the boot of most family size cars.

Popup Display units are available in a range of sizes starting from 3x1 to 3x6, these sizes are often confused as meters but it actually relates to the box sections created in the pop up frame as it unfolds in an umbrella fashion.

Thus a 3x1 popup stand means that the display stand is: 1 box wide and three boxes tall and, a 3x3 popup stand is 3 boxes wide x 3 boxes tall. For ease we have produced PDF schematics of each popup stand.

For more information on pop up display stands available at Coker Expo, please call us on 01256 766234.

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Embrace pop up stands

Fabric display frame system single or double sided.£166.00

Popup display stand shelf

Shelf for curved pop up Shelf unit for a pop up display...£215.00

Low height curved pop up display stand, under 2 meters high.

Low height curved pop up display stand Low ceiling height...£340.00

Replacement Pop up graphics.

Pop up graphics Replacement or extra graphics for our pop...£180.00

Fabric hop up display stand with fixed fabric graphics.

Fabric hop up display stand Straight hop up display stands...£365.00

Round tower pop up display stand.

Round tower pop up display stand Available in 4 heights.£250.00

Custom shaped pop up display stand designs for events.

Shaped pop up display stands We make custom shaped pop up...£5,000.00

Corner Pop up stands designed in an - L shape.

Corner pop up display stands Right angle - corner...£825.00

Tall pop up display stand, 4 quads high.

Tall pop up display stand 4 quads high 2968mm tall! Need...£800.00

Straight Pop Up display stand 2225mm high 1.2 - 3.5 Metre wide kits

Straight popup display stand kits with graphic options...£430.00

Curved pop up display stand kit.

Curved pop up display kits with graphics Mobile Pop Up...£375.00

Graphic wrap for pop up case

Pop up case wrap Turn your exhibition pop up case into a...£75.00