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Lighting Truss (For 11m x 11m floor area - Build 98)

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Transform Your Space with Our Monumental Lighting Truss

290 Quad Lighting Truss Build 98: A Colossal Structure for Maximum Impact

Introduce a sense of grandeur to your next exhibition or event with our 290 Quad Lighting Truss Build 98. This mammoth structure, measuring an impressive 10m x 10m and standing 4m high, is precisely what the 50mm quad trussing system was designed for. It's not just a truss; it's a statement piece that commands attention and dominates any venue with its sheer presence.

Key Features:

  • Stunning Dimensions: With its vast 10m x 10m layout, this trussing system is designed to impress, providing an extensive area under its towering 4m height.
  • Robust Construction: Crafted from 50mm quad trussing, this structure is as sturdy as it is stunning, ensuring it stands tall and secure throughout your event.
  • Efficient Assembly: While this is a 4-person setup, considering lifts or winches for raising this structure is advisable, ensuring efficiency and safety during assembly.

Due to its size and complexity, this trussing system requires professional assembly.

For more details or to discuss specific requirements, please contact us at 01256 768178. We're here to help you make a monumental impact at your next event.

With our 290 Quad Lighting Truss Build 98, you're not just creating a display but owning the venue with a captivating architectural masterpiece.


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