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30W LED Lighting Track Kit (Type1)

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LED Lighting Track with 2 Lights and a 3m Cable for Exhibition and Retail Displays

Presenting the 30W LED Lighting Track Kit with a 3m Cable (Type1) - the all-in-one solution for your exhibition or event lighting needs. This kit provides everything you require to set up a seamless and effective lighting system, ensuring that your displays are brilliantly illuminated and capture the attention of every visitor.


  • Power: 30W per LED light (Total: 60W) AC 100-240V
  • Material: Durable and sleek design
  • Output Flux: 3000 lumens
  • Light Size: ?x?x?mm

Versatility: Designed specifically for exhibitions and events, this track kit offers a flexible lighting solution tailored to various display setups. Whether you have a large exhibit or multiple display areas, this kit ensures consistent and optimal illumination.

Efficiency: With a power rating of 30W per LED light, this track kit offers bright illumination while ensuring minimal energy usage, making it cost-effective for events of any duration.

Linking Capability: These lights cannot be linked with daisy-link connectors. Each functions as a stand-alone light source. 

Brightness: With a lumen output of 3000 lumens and a 330-degree angle, this spotlight kit ensures that your displays are brilliantly illuminated, capturing the attention of every visitor. 

Light Colour: 4000K (Natural Light) - A natural white light. Based on the Kelvin scale, it has a slight tint of yellow to the colour. This makes it a popular neutral colour, especially in offices and home areas that are highly used.

Installation: The kit comes with everything you need for a hassle-free installation. The 3m cable provides ample length for versatile positioning, ensuring your lighting setup is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Additional Features: Beyond its impressive lighting capabilities, the kit's sleek design seamlessly integrates with any exhibition or event setup, enhancing your display's overall look and feel.

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