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50W LED Floodlight (Warm White)

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50W LED Floodlight for Trade shows and Retail

Illuminate your exhibition stands with the magnificent 50W Slimline LED Floodlights, a must-have for any show. Proper lighting is paramount for a successful exhibition, and with these LED floodlights, you ensure that your stand is brilliantly lit, capturing the attention of every visitor. These affordable LED lights offer superior efficiency, ensuring that you stay cool during the show and save on power costs.


  • Power: 50W AC 100-240V
  • Material: Durable and sleek metal design
  • Output Flux: 4000 lumens
  • Light Size: 223x188x28mm

Versatility: Perfect for both tradeshows and retail setups, these floodlights ensure that your displays are always in the spotlight. Their IP65 rating also makes them suitable for outdoor use.

Efficiency: Say goodbye to the heat of halogen and tungsten lights. These LED floodlights are designed to be efficient light sources rather than heaters. With reduced power consumption, you save on energy and costs, especially at exhibition venues.

Linking Capability: One of the standout features of the 50W LED Floodlight is its ability to daisy chain multiple units together. This ensures simple and problem-free wiring, requiring just one power socket.

Brightness: With a lumen output of up to 4,000 lumens, these floodlights guarantee that your stand is well-lit, making a lasting impression on visitors.

Light Colour: 3000K Colour (Warm White) - A warm, neutral light that ensures your displays are seen in their true colours.

Power: Designed for standard power sources, the 50W LED Floodlight is efficient and reliable.

Additional Features: Beyond their impressive lighting capabilities, these floodlights are designed for indoor or outdoor use, thanks to their IP65 rating. Whether indoors or outdoors, they promise consistent and brilliant illumination.

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