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Full Perimeter Style Modular Truss Stand 6M wide X 7M deep | 2.5M Tall | With Extra Legs (X6)

Original price £5,300.00 - Original price £5,300.00
Original price

£6,360.00 inc VAT

£5,300.00 - £5,300.00
Current price £5,300.00

£6,360.00 inc VAT

Lighting Truss for a floor area of 42 square meters.

This Truss Exhibition stand has a width of 6 meters and a depth of 7 meters. It stands 2.5 meters tall with a total weight of 140.2KG.

For all pre-priced 35mm systems in please see the All Truss Pages or go here for Arch style truss systems.

System 35 Truss from CokerExpo: Build B672504B0L1

Define a space with System 35 decorative truss.  Hang your banners and branding and  secure your lighting setup, System 35 Truss is ideal in situations where space is limited but light-duty structural capacity is necessary.  Select your stand as a base for your display and work with us to add all the elements that will make it pop from furniture to lights, banners, dynamic RGB displays, carpet and more.

System 35 Truss Brochure

F23 System 35 Truss has a subtle aesthetic appeal compared to larger systems. System 35 Truss and Gantry is ideal for trade fairs and exhibitions, retail displays, museum exhibits, signage and banners, restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Many combinations of straight lengths, radials and junctions gives you the ability to build your perfect stand. Please reach out for assistance or browse our competitively priced calculated builds to navigate to a stand that meets your price point and budget. Either add direct to basket or use it as a base for your stand - your display means a lot to us and we will be happy to help, just a phone call / email away. We usually respond within the hour!

Components used in this build:

With a foundation in robust aluminium alloy extruded tubes and precision-machined ends, our gantry stands out with minimal deflection and striking aesthetics. Certified by TUV for load-bearing capabilities, our exhibition gantry integrates perfectly with most display systems, epitomising structural excellence for exhibitions, theatrical displays and as an ideal base for lighting.

Extra Legs / Cross Beams Span Table

The table and illustration below shows the size of a 'straight section' between the 'extra' legs and /or 'cross beams' if you have them.

  • If you select to include extra legs on your build, this is the size of the span between each leg taking into account the 500mm joins and 500mm corners.
  • If you don't have extra legs but you have cross beams on your build, it will be the size of the gap/span between the beams.

Straight Sections (mm) between corners / joining pieces
Build Width Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4
2M 1000 - - -
3M 2000 - - -
4M 1500 1000 - -
5M 2000 1500 - -
6M 2000 2500 - -
7M 2000 1500 1500 -
8M 2000 2000 2000 -
9M 2000 2500 2500 -
10M 2000 2000 2000 1500

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All of our designs are backed by professional CAD drawings with calculated weight loadings. All Truss can be sprayed to any RAL colour specified.

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