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Mains Powered Display Turntable (CEU7500) 750kg Load Capacity

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Key Features of the CEU7500 Turntable

The CEU7500 is a heavy-duty mains-powered turntable meticulously crafted from steel, ensuring robustness and durability. Designed to support up to a whopping 750kg, this unit is perfect for businesses that showcase larger products or displays with a dynamic rotation. Its unique design includes a 42mm diameter hole through the centre plate, which can be utilised to insert a rod or hollow tube, providing support for a stationary deck.

Specifications and Details

Dimensions and Rotation:

The CEU7500 features a solid 400mm turn plate, standing at a height of 125mm. A consistent rotation speed of 1 rpm ensures your products or displays are always in motion, drawing attention and captivating the audience. The unit operates quietly, ensuring no distractions to the viewing experience.

Power, Safety, and Load Capacity:

Operating on 220-240V mains power (with a 115V option available), the CEU7500 guarantees a steady and reliable performance. It's equipped with a slipping clutch for safety and offers the possibility of stop-time operation. The turntable comes with a 2-metre cable length and is mains powered.

There are 4 Models available to order, and supply time is around 10 days. There are options available with slip rings for powering 3rd party items placed upon the turntable, 4 amps or 8 amps (Special) or without slip rings. Our turntable drive motors are offered with indoor or outdoor choices. Note: Outdoor units must still be protected from spray and standing water, rated IPx3. 

Important Considerations for Optimal Use

When designing a rotating display stand using the CEU7500, it's crucial to consider the dead weight and the display size. The display size is paramount, and the load must be balanced to ensure the unit functions optimally. With the right considerations, a rotating display stand can significantly enhance product awareness and increase sales.

Expert Advice and Support

At Coker Exhibition Systems, we pride ourselves on offering expert advice. If you have any queries about the CEU7500 or need guidance on the best heavy-duty turntable, please call us on 01256 768178. Our team is always here to help you get the most out of your display solutions.


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