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Mains Powered Display Turntable (CEU5000) 500kg Load Capacity

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Key Features of the CEU5000

The CEU5000 is a robust, mains-powered, heavy-duty turntable designed to rotate substantial items weighing up to 500kg. This high-performance unit is perfect for businesses aiming to showcase larger products or displays, ensuring they capture attention in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Specifications and Details

Dimensions and Rotation:

The CEU5000 comes with a solid 400mm turn plate paired with a height of 125mm. It offers a consistent rotation speed of 1 rpm, ensuring your products or displays are always in motion. The unit is designed for silent operation, ensuring minimal disturbance in any setting.

Power and Load Capacity:

Operating on 220-240V mains power, the CEU5000 guarantees a steady and reliable performance. It's efficient and effective, with a motor power consumption of just 15.5W. The turntable is equipped with a slipping clutch for safety, and stop-time operation is possible.

There are 4 Models available to order, and supply time is around 10 days. There are options available with slip rings for powering 3rd party items placed upon the turntable or without slip rings. Our turntable drive motors are offered with indoor or outdoor choices. Note: Outdoor units must still be protected from spray and standing water, rated IPx3. 

Important Considerations for Optimal Use

The CEU5000 is built for heavy-duty applications, but it's crucial to ensure that the items placed on it are centrally balanced. Counterbalancing might be required if the display is not balanced. A large secondary turn plate or a tall object being displayed can cause torque, effectively acting as additional weight. All these factors must be considered when calculating the probable weight load. For outdoor use, it's essential to note that the units must still be protected from spray and standing water, rated IPx3.

Expert Advice and Support

At Coker Exhibition Systems, we pride ourselves on offering expert advice. If you have any queries about the CEU5000 or need guidance on the best turntable for your heavy-duty display needs, please call us on 01256 768178. Our team is always here to help you get the most out of your display solutions.


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