Mains powered display turntable 100 kilos

Display turntable TTCSW1000

Revolving display turntable for 100kg loads.


Mains powered display turntable with out power rings (Power output for display item) this high quality turntable is ready for your own deck or straight fitting of your display item. The TTCSW1000 turntable will carry a flat concentric load of up to 100 kilo's rotating at 2.5rpm as standard. If you are looking to create a revolving display for a shop, exhibition or showroom that a quality and reliable drive motor is a must. A rotating display stand is only a good as the display drive that keeps it going around day after day. These motors do have brushes that can be changed after long service.

Please see various options below. These units have a 400mm solid steel base with turn plate standing at 110mm in height.
These mains powered rotating display drive units weigh 17 kilos and are built to last.

We are here to advise and discuss your display ideas, feel free to call on 01256 768178

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