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Hire - Lighting Truss (For 3m x 2.5m floor area)

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Hire Exhibition Truss (5-Day Hire): Up and Over - Command Attention from Above

This distinctive trio lighting truss system, designed for a standard 5-day minimum hire period, offers an elevated banner placement, ensuring your company stands out in the bustling environment of any event. Ideal for island floor areas and back-to-back layouts, this symmetrical lighting gantry, measuring 2.8m x 2.380m with an adjustable height of 2.445m to 3.525m, is your ticket to prominent, eye-catching presentations.

Our hire equipment pricing structure is designed for convenience, covering a 5-day working period, which aligns perfectly with the typical duration of trade shows and exhibitions.

Key Features:

  • Elevated Banner Displays: The "Up and Over" design allows for high-placed banners within the trussing, framing your marketing message effectively and ensuring it's visible from a distance. This strategic placement captures attention and draws visitors towards your stand.
  • Versatile Banner Positioning: Depending on your preference or the tidiness of adjacent stands, banners can be set within the truss apertures or attached to the rear outside tubes, serving as a back wall. This flexibility allows for a tailored presentation that suits your specific exhibition needs.
  • Symmetrical Aesthetic: The gantry's symmetrical structure is not only visually pleasing but also ideal for various floor areas, particularly island spaces and back-to-back layouts, providing a clean, professional look.

Product Specifications:

  • Optimal Dimensions: The gantry covers an area of 2.8m x 2.380m and features an adjustable height ranging from 2.445m to 3.525m, accommodating various event spaces and requirements.
  • Strategic Design: The structure supports aperture banners, which are set within the trussing, allowing the truss to frame your banner and enhance its visibility and aesthetic appeal.

Advantages of Choosing 'Up and Over' Exhibition Gantry Hire:

  • Cost-Effective Branding Solution: Avoid the expenses of purchasing and storing a gantry system. Our hire service is a practical, budget-friendly alternative with the same professional standard.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The elevated, framed banner display ensures your branding is unmissable in a crowded exhibition space, increasing traffic to your stand.
  • Professional Presentation: The symmetrical design and flexible banner placement options ensure your stand is eye-catching and adapts seamlessly to its surroundings.

Opt for our 'Up and Over' Exhibition Gantry Hire and soar above the competition. It's more than just a display solution; it's a strategic move to ensure your brand remains etched in attendees' minds long after the event concludes.


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