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Mains Powered Ceiling Mounted Display Turntable (CSWDHG) 5kg Load Capacity

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Key Features of the CSWDHG

The CSWDHG is a mains-powered ceiling-mounted turntable drive meticulously designed for upside-down operation. This unit is perfect for businesses aiming to showcase hanging displays dynamically. With the capacity to rotate up to 5kg based on a balanced concentric load, the CSWDHG ensures that your hanging displays are always in motion, capturing attention and enhancing the overall presentation.

Specifications and Details

Dimensions and Rotation:

The CSWDHG boasts a 130mm base diameter and a height of 75mm. It rotates at a consistent speed of 2.5 times per minute, ensuring that your products or installations are always in motion, capturing the eye of potential customers. This unit is designed without power rings, making it a straightforward solution for rotating displays.

Power and Safety: 

Safety is paramount with the CSWDHG. The unit is designed with a hanging ring specifically for mounting purposes. It's crucial to note that the hanging ring on this unit is there for a reason and should not be removed to fix it to the shaft directly.

Important Considerations for Optimal Use

The turntable is rated to support up to 5kg. However, your display's size, balance, and type can significantly affect its performance. It's essential to ensure a balanced load and to consider the torque on the turntable bearing. We recommend purchasing a sample to test your specific hanging display before placing a bulk order. Additionally, 1rpm units are also available for those seeking a slower rotation.

Expert Advice and Support

At Coker Exhibition Systems, we pride ourselves on offering expert advice. If you have any queries about the CSWDHG or need guidance on the best turntable, please call us on 01256 768178. Our team is always here to help you get the most out of your display solutions.


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