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35W LED Exhibition Lights (LL35) Silver/Grey

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35W LED Trade Show Lights For Pop Up Stands and Displays with wall top options

The LL35 stands out as a powerful 35W LED Exhibition Light A flood light with a brighter and more narrow flood area. It is designed with a swivel and tilt head and has a 500mm long arm, making it an ideal choice for graphics, walls, museums, showrooms, and exhibition lighting. Its unique feature of in-and-out power sockets allows for easy daisy chaining of units, ensuring hassle-free wiring to a single power socket.


  • Power: 35W AC 100-240V
  • Material: Aluminium + ABS plastic
  • Output Flux: 2277 Lumens
  • Output Flux: 3M gives 2.4 Metre spread at 180 Lux. 2M gives 2M Spread 412 Lux. 1.5M gives 648 Lux at 1.6M Spread. Please see our download above "Illuminating information" PDF.
  • Light Size: 500x190x47mm

Versatility: Whether you're setting up in a museum, showroom, or exhibition hall, the LL35 is versatile enough to cater to all your lighting needs. Its adjustable swivel and tilt head-down light ensures precise illumination.

Efficiency: With a power rating of 35W, the LL35 provides bright and consistent lighting, ensuring your displays are always in the spotlight.

Linking Capability: One of the standout features of the LL35 is its ability to daisy chain multiple units together. This ensures simple and problem-free wiring, requiring just one power socket.

Brightness: The 35W power ensures that your displays are brilliantly illuminated, making them the centre of attention.

Light Colour: (Not provided in the original content, so you might want to add this if available)

Power: Designed for standard power sources, the LL35 is efficient and reliable.

Additional Features: The LL35 comes with a range of quick fittings, including Octonorm slot fixing, a top-of-the-wall bracket, and a super silver screw clamp suitable for walls and tubes up to 50mm thick.

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