Lighting truss section Trio 44
Lighting truss section Trio 44Diagram showing S35 dimensions plan viewFast fitting exhibition gantry conical

System 35 trio 4 way junction for 2 tier structures, S35TC44

S35 Lighting Truss 4 way corner right hand

S35 Lighting Truss 4 way corner right hand, S35TC44. This junction is specifically for creating a 2 tier lighting truss structure. Note that if you are just using it to create a front raised banner area the horizontal strut comes out from the mid section. You will need a 153mm straight truss section to level this junction will a standard 33 or 34 used in correlation with it. Please call and check if you wish. Supplied with all conicals, pins and clips, dimensions of 500mm x 500mm. System 35 Lighting truss is TUV certified, a recognised global standard. Construction is with conicals, tapered pins and safety clips. S35 Conical allows very fast exhibition stand construction without deflection and a very high weight loading. The stand is both functional and attractive. Please also look at our exhibition lighting systems

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