S50 Trio Gantry Exhibition Stands

Our aluminium trussing is made from high grade aluminium and a strong 50mm diameter tube. 50mm lighting truss is favoured by the professionals and is well used in the exhibition, music, film and Tv studio arenas.

We favour the spigot and pin connection system as it allows for higher weight loads to be carried and longer beam lengths with out deflection.

You will notice on nut and bolt truss systems that long beams droop, this is because the trussing joints are not supported or as tight.

With our lighting truss system we use a solid conical. This added support makes all the difference when you stand back and view your truss structure from a distance.

A solid aluminium conical sits inside each truss section joint and goes together with a quick and easy to fit tapered pin and retaining clip.

Our floor standing lighting truss systems and aerial lighting rigs are designed to be totally modular, so one set of components can be reassembled in to many different size and shape configurations.

We have a free CAD lighting truss design service and supply a scale drawing with all orders. Large area 50mm truss structures can be heavy to work with so we would advice you consider the use or purchase of a winch or lift to raise and lower your truss system at an event or exhibition.

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Stable starting bridge with graphic branding


Three Tube 50mm very strong aluminium truss display stand


System 50 Trio Lighting Truss 4m x 4m


Indoor or outside lighting truss backdrop banner stand


Giant Banner stand exterior use gantry


Long span lighting truss S50 Trio Gantry