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Exhibitions post covid have changed

Exhibitions post covid have changed

Live exhibitions and trade shows are back

Live exhibitions and trade shows have returned with a strong growth in the number of live exhibitions into 2023. This growth trend looks set to continue.

People have overcome their fear of meeting others and now enjoy visiting exhibition stands and having face to face meetings. They are now looking for you to stimulate them with new experiences.

This makes the need for good planning and design even more crucial.

Event technology is a must have

Your target audience will have changed their life habits substantially in the last 3 to 4 years and technology will be at the centre of this change. Their expectations have been raised and they will expect you to have embraced technology in the same way.

Brochures used to be in the form of printed material with lots of colour. The trend now is to have e-brochures which can be accessed by smart phones. This also helps to convey the message that you are eco conscious.

The days of people queueing for events to register have moved on. Your audience will expect an online booking system where they can register in advance so there is no need for queueing.

Depending on your business, a live demonstration using your business tech is likely to go down well. This will need preparation and practice before a live show.

Mobile apps linked to the show have become very popular. They are ideal tools to enhance the exhibition experience. They can be set up, so they contain a lot of the information that visitors need and answer a lot of their questions. They are also a good tool to enable two-way communication with your target audience. Of course, this will all depend on your budget since app creation can be expensive.

Sustainability is now important with exhibitions

There is now a very high degree of awareness of the environment and exhibitions are no exception.

There is a wide range of ways to communicate your eco credentials:

Using ebrochures instead of paper handouts has already been noted.Using technology to deliver online version of exhibition for those who do not want to travelKeeping paper use to a minimumUsing LED’s lighting will help to reduce energy consumption.Having an overall energy system that is efficient.Sustainable materials used in the exhibition stand.Using your exhibition stand multiple times.

Get help with your exhibition stand

If you are looking for assistance with your exhibition plans, we have a lot of experience in all aspects of exhibition stand so please contact us at Coker Expo ( if you need help.

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