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Exhibitions stands and trade shows can help market your business

Exhibitions stands and trade shows can help market your business

According to Exhibition News “ the number of major exhibitions held in the UK’s main exhibition venues in 2022 was almost back to pre-Covid levels, showing significant recovery with some indicators on a par or up on 2019 and highlighting the resilience of our industry” ( Source: Exhibition News (

A good exhibition stand raises brand awareness

A well-designed exhibition stand will get you noticed in front of your target audience. You have a golden opportunity to inform your audience what your brand is all about and where you see the future.

You will need to ensure that your stand is well designed so that it draws visitors to your stand. Good design combined with a high-quality brochure (or Ebrochure) and maybe give away promotional items will help to drive the traffic.

Whatever you do, the measure of success is likely to involve measuring how many visitors you attract to your exhibition stand.

Exhibitions are great for face-to-face marketing

Face to face marketing has always been the most powerful way to market your business and this has not changed post Pandemic.

Exhibitions are one of the few places where you will encounter your target audience and be easily able to see them face to face.

You need to be well prepared for this at the design stage. If you are intending to engage with people for conversations that will last more than a few minutes, then you will need to plan in dedicated seating areas for comfort and atmosphere. You may also need some catering like tea and coffee.

Direct sales at Exhibitions are popular

Direct sales can be an added benefit an exhibition.

Your target audience are there for a specific reason and may want to buy your product or service after you engage face to face. They are likely to have come prepared to buy. As a result, you will need to design your stand so that you can transact online with visitors and be able to complete the transaction. This will clearly depend on the nature of the product or service and in some cases, delivery may have to follow on after the transaction.

Keep up to date at exhibitions

Keeping up to date with changes in your industry is very important. It is likely that the latest trends will be on show.

Allow time to walk around and do research on what developments are taking place. Have a close look at your competitors and what they are developing. Are there aspects of their exhibition that is attracting visitors. Consider how other exhibitors are pricing their products and services as this may help to inform you on the underlying trends.

Get help with exhibitions

If you need help and advice on any aspect of exhibitions, then please get in touch with us at Coker Expo (

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