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How lighting and turntables can transform your exhibition stand

How lighting and turntables can transform your exhibition stand

The objective is to create a space that is interesting, informative, exciting and – most importantly – inviting to an exhibition visitor.

Let’s start by defining the outcome you are aiming for.

What type of visitor do you want on your exhibition stand

To answer this question, you need to have made a decision on what messaging you are selling to the audience you hope to target. – Are you simply trying to create brand awareness by letting people know who you are and what you do?

Or is the objective to attract real buyers onto the stand that are able to do deals with you there and then?

Or perhaps it’s a bit of both.

Either way, you need to stand out and one of the best ways of achieving this is to combine good lighting with movement that catches the audience’s eye. Remember, every stand at an exhibition is a potential competitor – whether they are real commercial competitors or not – they are all competing for the attention of the show visitors… the audience.

How can your stand appeal to exhibition visitors?

It is a known fact that humans are attracted to movement and generally have a preference for promotional material that is in some way dynamic.

Similarly, lighting (and sound) are also major sensory stimuli that can create excitement, professional interest, or even generate mood.

Good lighting combined with movement can bring your messaging or products to life and can differentiate you from nearby stands or even commercial competitors.

The combination of turntables and lighting will create a buzz

So you should strongly consider using turntables or rotating displays in combination with a well thought through lighting scheme that accentuates your messaging and creates both mood and invitation to attract the target audience you want.

Try and chose an exhibition design or supply partner that has good experience across a range of stand and exhibition types.

Also choose one that is able to provide you with a decent selection of both lighting options and turntables.

By way of example, have a look at: (

Create a fresh and dynamic impression

You can also vary the lighting and display focus either throughout the day or have different messages on different parts of your stand. This can make your stand look fresh and dynamic – even to people who may have walked past it earlier – and can have a positive impact on both volume and quality of stand visitors.

A useful thing to do when designing your stand is to put yourself in the shoes of a typical exhibition visitor and think about how that visitor’s attitude and mood changes throughout the day.

In the morning they may be energetic, motivated, and looking forward to the exhibition. By late afternoon, they may be tired, hot or have information overload.

Keep your exhibition stand fresh throughout the day

Your stand design ideally should acknowledge these changes and should try to compensate by appealing directly to the visitor with messaging and invitations that change as the day rolls on.

Lighting in combination with rotational displays and movement can help your stand stay fresh throughout each day.

Get in touch to find out more

If you want to know more, please get in touch ( with us at Coker Expo. ( We are always available to advise on all aspects of exhibitions.

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