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New to exhibition stand design

New to exhibition stand design

First let’s try to answer a few questions?

What is your exhibition budget?Who is your target audience?Have you decided which exhibitions to attend, and will your target audience be attending?How big or small a stand do you need?Where do you want your stand to be in the exhibition hall?What faclities will you need at the exhibition (e.g. Seating area)?

These are just some basic examples of the initial planning you should start before you move on to what you want your stand to look like and to a degree, the answers will begin to shape your thinking when you move to the design stage.

Why are you the objectives of your exhibition?

This may sound like a rather silly – almost banal – question, but it is rather important.

What is the reasoning behind wanting to promote your business for the first time at an exhibition?

In other words, what is your objective? – Is it to launch a new product? Or create brand awareness? Or do you believe that by exhibiting you will attract visitors to your stand who will give you enquiries?

Or maybe your hope is all of the above?

Regardless of what your key objective is, you also need to decide how you are going to measure its success (or otherwise). – In other words, you need to have some KPI’s that enable you to quantify the effectiveness of your stand and to subsequently forecast what you need to do to get a return on your investment.

How will you measure the exhibition results?

How you measure the success of your first exhibition will ultimately (probably) come down to a simple equation that compares what you have spent on it versus what return you got from it; in other words ROI.

However, ROI can only really be assessed after the event.

You need to have a plan that quantifiably measures things during the event.

For example, the number of visitors; or the number of enquiries; or the number of meetings; the list can be whatever you want it to be but it should be focused on quantifiable objectives.

What design of stand will help deliver your objectives?

Back to the design of the stand then.

The answers to the above questions should now be shaping what you want from your stand and - consequently - what you want it to look like from a practical perspective.

Of course, if this is your first show, you may want to think about getting advice from people who know the exhibition trade inside out. As an example, have a look at and ask questions.

Get expert advice for best results!

Getting expert advice does not mean handing over responsibility for achieving the objectives, rather, it means having a knowledgeable partner like Coker Expo that can help you achieve those objectives by providing practical advice that maximises your chances of success.

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