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How to Create a Unique Exhibition Stand

How to Create a Unique Exhibition Stand

It is a big temptation to copy someone else’s exhibition stand ideas or to just tweak what you did the last time. This is especially so in more demanding economic times.

This approach can be a false economy because visitors to an exhibition are looking for a stand that tells them your story in a way they have not seen before. You need to be creative from the start of the project. Let’s have a look at some of the main aspects of this process.

Your exhibition stand design should deliver an experience

It is important that you convey the main messages about your business, but this needs to go beyond delivering a series of marketing messages. There needs to be creative input at the design stage so the messages can be delivered but in a way that visitors might remember. The words and images need to convey your unique identity and purpose.

Once you get your unique identity ideas in place, the design process should become easier.

Exhibition Stand Layout can be unique

Once you have decided you design, the next stage is to create the unique layout. This can be achieved using modular systems which follow your design ideas discussed above. There is a multitude of materials, designs, graphics to choose from so that your stand can succeed.

It is wise to consider taking external advice at an early stage so that you don’t spend a lot of time on money going in the wrong direction especially at this early stage in the process.

Exhibition Stand Lighting can transform

The layout would not be complete without a good lighting plan. Good lighting can be transformative and help to enhance most exhibition stands. The types and design should always take account of the overall experience already discussed.

There is wide variety of lighting systems which can convey any mood you want to create and highlight your key messages.

Decide on the target audience for your exhibition stand

In reality you are not interested in a large % of visitors at an exhibition. You are actually interested in attracting your target audience and as many of them as possible.

Defining your target audience is an exercise that you will do well in advance. Depending on your area of business, it is likely that you will have undertaken some research of make-up of your ideal visitor. The way the exhibition stand is designed should take this into account.

For example, if you are at a technology B2B exhibition and marketing a sophisticated high ticket price tech targeted at larger businesses, your stand may want to convey this with the use of interactive tech screens, videos, and maybe exclusive invite only presentations. You will probably also have discreet seating areas for visitors to sit down and interact in a professional environment.

Creating a unique experience can be demanding so please reach out to us at Coker Expo if you to talk to people who understand all aspects of exhibition stand design and implementation.

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