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Why light and movement will elevate your exhibition stand

Why light and movement will elevate your exhibition stand

Attracting visitors to your exhibition stand can be a worry but two things can make a difference above all others: movement and lighting.

Movement catches the visitor’s eye and draws them to your stand to find out more. Remember you are in competition with all the other nearby stands so standing out is not only desirable, it really is a commercial imperative.

Movement helps to attract visitors.

It may sound obvious but one of the primary functions your exhibition stand is to deliver compelling messaging and points of interest which entice the visitor to want to engage with you to learn more.

In simple terms it’s all about gaining that first interest then encouraging that engagement.

Get them in and then engage them.

Engagement is clearly the primary goal, so using the right tools to facilitate or encourage that engagement is a critical part of stand design and marketing.

You should be thinking of your stand engagement plan as a mini marketing strategy.

That’s where movement comes in.

A well-lit moving display can generate immediate curiosity and interest whilst delivering key messaging on both brand and products at the same time.

Consider having rotating displays (like turntables) individually focused on specific messages you want to highlight. This is a proven and really quite powerful way of starting the engagement process.

Use turntables to create intrigue as well as targeting

Attractive informative or intriguing rotating displays on your stand will differentiate you and help you stand out from the crowd.

It’s also worth considering that by using different types of turntable or rotating displays, you can position your messaging to target different cohorts within your audience to deliver specific points of interest that will resonate with different sections of your target client base.

Choose the rotating displays that you think will work best.

So, if you are designing your stand to incorporate movement, it really is worth devoting some time to examining what sort of rotating display will work best to deliver different types of messaging to different target audience cohorts.

Rotating displays and turntables come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and styles from lightweight to heavy duty. There are even clever ones that work with lightboxes; the list is pretty comprehensive, and you should find several that would work well with your marketing.

Have a look at to begin to get some ideas of what is possible.

Movement can differentiate you.

One fact worth mentioning is that that the majority of people are usually primarily attracted to visual stimulus and will unconsciously prioritise such stimulus ahead of other inputs ninety percent of the time.

This marketing fact reinforces the idea that if you are designing an exhibition stand to attract and engage new visitors, having movement (and lighting) can make the difference.

If you integrate your turntable displays with some clever lighting, you can end up with an inviting stand environment that helps with your brand and product positioning whilst differentiating you and attracting relevant footfall to your stand.

Always remember, you are investing marketing money in your exhibition and delivering a good ROI relies on achieving the outcome you want.

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