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Smaller exhibition spaces can work well

Smaller exhibition spaces can work well

With tight budgets in 2022 you may have no choice but to use a smaller exhibition space, but you can turn this to your advantage with the right approach. A compact well-designed stand can be very effective and with the right approach you can achieve a good set of results.

Designing a smaller exhibition stand

You will need to be clever and creative in your design, so you get your message across from a smaller space. This creativity come from a combination of layout, lighting, colours, graphics, and technology. It is a good idea to get help with the design at an early stage, so you end up with a stand that is unique. If you don’t have these skills inhouse then consider looking for outside help.

Location in the Exhibition Hall is crucial

Choosing the right location in an exhibition hall becomes more critical with a smaller space. You will not have the advantage of a large stand which will be visible from a distance.

Ensuring that you are visible at your chosen location needs a lot of planning. Your brand name and key messages must be visible to attract visitors. Achieving this will a combination of designing a flexible/ unique layout (i.e. height, width, depth) and possibly the clever use of lights and graphics.

Lighting can help a smaller exhibition space

As mentioned above, the clever use of lighting can have dramatic impact on a smaller exhibition space. There are now a wide choice of exhibition lighting systems including spotlights, backlights, LED lighting, Daisy Chain lighting and many other which can help to best use of your limited space.

A lot of the exhibition lighting systems can be combined with lighting turntables to enhance the impact through movement. These turntable systems can be set up for small, medium, or large lighting systems.

Keep your exhibition stand open and welcoming

You will have seen smaller exhibition stands crammed with gear and paperwork. They are unwelcoming and as a result visitors do not come to that stand. Keeping the stand uncluttered and welcoming is an absolute must when you are limited on space.

Put the right people on your Exhibition stand

With fewer people than a large exhibition stand you will need the right people who are positive and willing to push a bit harder to get the visitors to visit your stand. It is a tough competitive environment so best to go with the best people you have.

You can succeed with a smaller exhibition stand but it needs a good plan and a good design to succeed. At Coker Expo we have people who have experience of all aspects of exhibition success. Please get in touch if you want any help or advice.

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