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What is a LED Lightbox?

What is a LED Lightbox?

What is a LED Lightbox?

LED Lightboxes comprise a versatile design, featuring either a freestanding structure or a wall-mounted frame. They incorporate a printed fabric graphic and an integrated LED lighting system, typically built within the frame itself, to elegantly illuminate visuals. These portable lightbox displays are perfectly suited for enhancing the visual appeal of exhibitions, events, or retail environments.

Coker Expo is at the forefront of LED Lightbox technology, offering a diverse range of products designed to meet various display needs. Our lightboxes combine aesthetic elegance with practical functionality, making them ideal for exhibitions, retail spaces, and corporate environments.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile Display Options: Our LED Lightboxes are available in various formats, including freestanding, wall-mounted, and suspended models. This versatility ensures that there is a lightbox solution for every space, whether it's for exhibitions, retail environments, or corporate settings.
  • Customisable and Flexible Designs: With options for bespoke sizes and modular designs, our LED Lightboxes can be tailored to specific needs. They offer the flexibility to create impactful displays that can adapt to different spaces and requirements.
  • High-Quality Illumination: Utilising high-quality LED lighting, these lightboxes ensure even and powerful illumination. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the display but also ensures that your graphics are seen in the best light.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: LED lights are known for their low energy consumption and long life expectancy, making our LED Lightboxes a sustainable choice. They are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting solutions, reducing both your carbon footprint and electricity costs.
  • Ease of Use and Portability: Many of our LED Lightboxes are designed for easy transportation and quick assembly, making them ideal for events and exhibitions where time and space are at a premium.
  • Durable and High-Quality Materials: Constructed using materials like aluminium and acrylic, these lightboxes are built to last. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing versatility in application.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: The combination of bright LED lights and high-quality fabric graphics ensures that your brand stands out. Whether in a dimly lit exhibition hall or a bustling retail environment, these lightboxes grab attention and make a lasting impression.
  • Easy Graphic Changes: Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) allow for easy graphic changes, offering flexibility for different events or promotional campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Service and Support: Expert advice, design services, and support are available, ensuring that your lightbox display aligns perfectly with your brand's aesthetic and messaging.

Coker Expo's Specific LED Lightbox Products:

  • Edge-lit Lightboxes: Feature printed fabric on both the front and back, available in modular and fixed sizes with internal led edge lighting.
  • Backlit Lightboxes: Range from slimline a0 to a4 sizes, as well as large-scale printed fabric fronts with internal LEDs placed every 4cm.
  • Huebox Lite: Offers a printed fabric front with internal LEDs every 4cm and includes animation capabilities.
  • Huebox Pro: Features closely placed internal LEDs every 2cm, providing intense illumination with animation features and white light control via remote.
  • Huebox Pro RGB: It stands out with full-colour RGB capabilities, offering a spectrum of colours managed remotely for a dynamic presentation.
  • Slimline Lightboxes: Ideal for wall-mounted displays or as an illuminated hanging showcase in shop windows, offering a sleek and elegant solution.


Why Should I Buy A Lightbox?

In conclusion, Coker Expo's LED Lightboxes offer a versatile, eco-friendly, and visually striking solution for showcasing your brand or message. With their ease of use, customisation options, powerful illumination, and range of innovative features, they are an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a significant impact in various settings.



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