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100 kilo turntable display

100 kilo turntable display

"I need to rotating 100 kilos, which turntable do I need" these are the words that we often hear, if only it was as simple and straight forward as that.

As with most things when you look into doing something properly it is a little more in depth to do things right.

All of our turntables are made for centrally balanced loads and are fitted with slipping clutches for safety during use.

We can sell both standard drive motors or we can fully dress the turntable at additional cost, adding a deck, even a skirt if your application requires it.

Please be aware that placing very large items on inappropriate turntables could impact on the motors ability to revolve.

Ie, just because your weight load is under that stated does not mean you can put a huge width, or a very tall item on top of any motor unit with out proper consideration.

In short your item could be say 1m x 1.5m and weigh 80 kilos but its size could affect a much higher load upon the bearing because of the shear mass of the object or its uneven shape.

The wider and taller an object placed upon the turntable the more you should allow for its weight to be calculated as volume.

We have discussed many projects over the years and look to help all customers with our with advice bourn from many years of experience.

Our range of turntables and display drives covers every thing from a few grammes right up to a tonne.

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