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2 Tier Light Truss System.

2 Tier Light Truss System.


Many gantries and truss systems are designed to carry branding, ie graphics to promote the company and it's products.

The image above shows a truss system on display at a very well lit venue, the glass roof has meant no need for any additional lighting at all.

This 2 tier truss is still very easy to assemble, a staged or 2 piece leg system allows the structure to be raised in 1m increments.

The staged leg principle makes the construction of any shape exhibition gantry very easy, it also allows smaller sections to be used if you have a small vehicle for transportation.

If you are lucky enough to only show at events held in well lit or open glass roofed venue then you may well be able to go with out any lighting fixtures.

But it may be that you still wish to add a few lights to complete the look of the system, if this is the case we would advise a few Led par cans such as our GL100 led.

Being Led they use very little power and will give off no heat compared to halogen units.

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