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3 x 2 Pop Up Display

3 x 2 Pop Up Display

Not every display floor area is huge, but that in no way means that you can not have an impressive looking display system.

More often that not it is your graphics, the actual design and its message that make the display stand, the system its self is purely a frame work or structure,

hidden away behind the scenes, such as this 3x2 curved pop up display pictured above.

The foot print of a curved pop up display stand this size is 1930mm wide x 485mm deep and they stand at 2225mm high.

It is important to get the most out of your graphics, know what your message is and say it in a simple way, the fact is that everybody is very busy these days.

People will not stand there reading every finer point nicely detailed on your graphic, make your point clearly and quickly or they may just walk on by with out getting your main message at all.

The pop up display stand is a very simple system an easy unit to set up, it really is an exhibition or promotional display stand in a case, a wheeled one at that.

Our 3 x 2 systems come in curved or straight frame works, and when packed away neatly in there case will not take up masses of valuable room to store between publicity events.

One person can take this display stand around, put it up at the venue and take it down, ideal for the smallest company looking to promote them selves on a budget.

A system such as this can be produced by ourselves within 4 days, so we are able to meet the tightest of production deadlines.

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