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Adjustable truss junction.

Adjustable truss junction.

This assembly is a very specialist piece of kit, it is an adjustable junction.

These components are usually used in flying rigs or ariel builds, they take the place of a true junction that would need to be custom made to a specific degree or angle.

We can also use these in free standing truss structures to create angled over hangs or just too create a odd and eye catching shape or design.

We do have a standard set of junctions, two popular ones are set at 120 degrees and 135 degrees, being set can limit possible future designs, hence the adjustable truss junction.

These are best used on smaller designs, not long beam lengths, as the support is not as good as a true welded junction.

So if you are looking into an adaptable ariel lighting truss, thing about your design, it could be so much more than a basic oblong or a circle.

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