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Aero barrier portable dividing system

Aero barrier portable dividing system

The Aero + is a stand alone modular roller banner system that has a tensioned rolled graphic in a cassette at the top of two telescopic poles.

The barrier or divider system is all linkable, reconfigurable, and available in different sizes up to 2 metres in width.

Each post has five adjustable fixing points to set it at different heights, this gives a huge scope for different size configurations.

Each post has a substantial foot that folds away for easy storage and portability, along with a huge array of accessories that can clip onto the posts.

There is a range of accessory fixing to attach i-pads, shelf unit and leaflet holders etc.

We also have a choice of LED or Halogen lights for this barrier banner display system.

Ideal as a quick back drop or barrier divide to create a booth or define a floor area at an exhibition or promotional event.

Think of this banner display system as a form of internal cafe barrier but with heaps of customisable ability built in.

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