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Arena 4 Exhibition Gantry

Arena 4 Exhibition Gantry

We have a wide range of trussing systems to meet all budgets and requirements.

From Trio to Quad, nut and bolt to spigot and pin connection, from 20mm tube right up to 50mm diameter tube systems.

Arena 4 is a decorative quad display truss system that is good for simple designs and note to much weight loading, lights and banners.

If you are looking to do more, add in heavy screens, go to 4m high or span 10m between legs you should look at another range we offer.

We have our own trussing made which is known as System 35, there is a quad option that can take you into another league.

Take a look at our quad exhibition gantry ranges and compare the two systems.

If you are in the Hampshire area why not drop in to our show room and see both systems, all are welcome.

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