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Bespoke graphic plinth

Bespoke graphic plinth


There are many display plinths, pedestals and podiums out there that can have graphics applied to them.

We can brand our display plinths to your exact needs.

There are not so many able to custom built to a clients bespoke dimensions.

Our flat panel plinths can have adaptations added from our standard designs, adding in cable management, shelves, AV equipment, screens and iPad holders for a start.

Tops can be finished in standard laminated beech effect, or by request white, black or even full digital graphics.

With the addition of branding you bring a true publicity and sales ability to your plinth or pedestal.

The use of aluminium bar inside to support the structure means our plinths have high weight load abilities, up to 90 kgs.

The plinth shown above was 800mm sq x 1m high.

Because we use panels to clad the support structure it means you can have multiple sets of graphics, this allows you to maximise the use of the plinth too.

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