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Bulletin boards

Bulletin boards

Street notice boards and bulletin boards come in a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes, what ever your are looking to display, be it an A4 flyer to an A0 or larger poster we will be able to help you. All of our notice boards are made from high grade aluminium, we offer a smart satin anodised finish or the option to paint your frame and posts if that would better suit your application and the vicinity it will be displayed in. We can offer case depths of 30mm, 58mm and 75mm for our external notice boards and bulletin boards. You can choose from either plexichoc acrylic glazing or specialist safety glass. Our frames allow the door to be integral, flush to the front surface and we use a clever hinge system which allows the door to be reversaible for opening either side. With security in mind all our street notice boards are fitted with key locks and are fixed into the frame for strength unlike those in the glazing. We use a steel back board for external notice boards, these are strong to stop frame flex and painted white for use with magnets or tapes. Street notice boards are either fixed to walls or mounted to root or surface fix posts, we have a range of posts for singe and multiple presentation. We are also able to offer custom sizes for all our notice cases, bespoke build to your specific sizes and requirements, this usually takes 3 weeks to supply. Our premium and city lockable poster cases are ideal for siting at council offices, town halls, village halls, schools, colleges, hostpitals, parks, gardens, sports grounds and centers, museums, churches, charities, trusts and housing associations and any venue that needs a notice board with a bit of prestige and quality.
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