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Classic car show - lighting rig needed

Classic car show - lighting rig needed

So what if you do not want a bunch of walls or truss legs interrupting your open access floor area to enable some very necessary lighting.

Time to consider an arial lighting rig, a suspended truss, dropped on wires or straps from the exhibition halls structural beam work.

Even the likes of Excel a very modern and reasonably well lit hall requires a little extra help to really light your floor area well.

Tall objects, walls, vehicles any structure for that matter will cast a shadow or could create a dim area on your floor space.

With the addition of an arial lighting rig you will have the ability for fixing up some directional lighting, be they floods or spots.

Next time you are at an event or exhibition cast an eye across the venue, which stands stand out to you, I expect its the brightly lit ones and the tall ones.

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