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Crosswire truss setup time

Crosswire truss setup time

When it comes to set up and take down at events and exhibitions we all want to get the physical work over down with as soon as possible.

Think about getting the basic structure up quickly, so as more time can be spent dressing the stand, adding products and graphics is equally important.

Bare in mind now, at the end of any event you may well already be pretty tired so getting it all down and packed away comes to mind.

Our trussing is spigot and pin, place the connectors into the joining truss section, knock through the pin and put a clip on the back end, dead easy.

There are nut and bolt systems, put the flanges of two section together, put though your bolts now spanner up the nuts, time consuming and fiddly.

Then there is crosswire truss, once you have your sections expanded, butt together, the screw connecting tow sections and again run up the tiny nut, time consuming and fiddly again.

The image above shows our client just about to put the last few truss sections into our transport trollies, note the crosswire system still with banners on and only the legs removed.

Both stands where of similar design, 2 tiers and floor area, so who's going to get home to the family first or down the pub I wonder.

Are you looking to purchase or hire lighting truss and exhibition gantry systems, time is important, you can not get it back.

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