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Custom Display Pedestal

Custom Display Pedestal

At exhibitions and trade shows you will see huge quantities of display pedestals and plinths there is no simpler manner of displaying a single item or object. Many are plain in colour and perfectly suited to the purpose they are designed for, but why miss an opportunity to brand your pedestal and increase publicity. A bespoke pedestal or plinth is able to put over your sales message even while your exhibition stand is not manned. Why miss out on promoting your company and its products, publicity can be expensive in any form, adding a message to your pedestal is a chance not to be missed. We are able to offer a range of heights across our plinth styles, from 540mm up t0 1200mm and columns sizes from 380mm up to 700mm. Tops can be black, white, any colour you wish or full graphics, a company logo being very popular, just ask for a quote. We have ranges to carry a vast range of weights from a few kilo's up to 90 kgs. All of our pedestals and plinths are portable able to pack down and be easy transported, assembly on site requires no tools and will only take a few moments. Production times are usually 1 week in house but if you have  a dead line that bit shorter just let us know and we will pull out all the stops.
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