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Custom Display Plinth.

Custom Display Plinth.

 With all exhibitions and trade shows there invariably come s a need for a counter, plinth or table.

if not to display your new company product then some where to lean on a note pad and write or use a laptop is always required.

the above image was a custom made coffee table, which also seconded as a handy storage area for those heavy brochure.

With ease we can adapt our display counters and plinth dimensions and create a handy little table or a storage unit.

Best of all you get a branding ability too, on the round plinth that was also make we applied a printed logo.

All manner of customization is possible, we can adapt and fulfill your required application, just ask for a quotation.

If you are looking for a custom sized exhibition counter or custom display plinth may be our flat pack panel counter range could suit you down to the ground.

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