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Custom Flat Panel Display Counter.

Custom Flat Panel Display Counter.

Portable flat panel counters for exhibitions, events and trade shows.

We can offer a standard unit at 1m x 1m x 0.5m deep but also a custom size service.

When it comes to events getting to and from the venue with a prebuilt counter or desk can be problematic and expensive.

Our counters and desks can be supplied in flat pack form, a top, base, panels and four support poles.

It is the support poles that give the strength to these units, capable of carry 100kgs, we have stood on them.

The tops are beech colour as standard but when can also offer white black or even a graphics option, say your company logo.

The panels are usually fully printed but they can be left white or a swish brushed aluminium panel used too.

These units are made to order and will take approx 1 week in house.

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