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Deflection on gantry systems

Deflection on gantry systems

We are often asked how wide a span can be on various truss systems and what deflection is.

Well I hope that the image above shows the dipping center on this 50mm Trio gantry, a nut and bolt connection system.

All truss systems will deflect, the wider the distance between legs the more it will happen.

It matters not the tube diameter size, 32mm, 35mm or even 50mm as shown above.

In our opinion what does matter is the actual connection method, the tighter a joint pulls together, better the beam is supported the less deflection.

As a rule trussing systems that use a solid central conical set inside of each joint are the very best with least deflection on long beam lengths.

I would describe 8m and over as a long beam length, there are deflection charts for all professional ranges of trussing and you should by given them when you purchase a trussing system. They will lay out spread load and point load capabilities, every manufacturers truss is different.

Some systems use a hollow central tube to try and support the joint, some are flange systems, these just butt up and are bolted through.

We will only sell truss systems that use a solid conical, the very best for carrying weight loads point or spread.

If you are spending a reasonable amount of money on a lighting truss system do you really want to step back and see it bending in the middle, when all it has upon it is a few lights, I would say not!

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