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Display plinth - display pedestal

Display plinth - display pedestal

We are able to make portable display plinths and pedestals which can be wrapped in your own branding, graphics were applied to these plinths including the tops which would usually have be basic black or white. The plinths are made from a thin aluminium panel and are secured together with a special flexible hinge which allows them to fold down and be portable enabling them to be packed away flat. We where asked to make a custom pedestal for Inition whom had a specialist requirement needing a flush top, usually these plinths would have a small lip, this custom top was to enable a rather clever piece of 3d rendering software to work with our display plinth, all flush edges were a necessity to match the sizes set into the software than runs on a tablet. The plinth we supplied is shown in use at Wow, technology is amazing, Inition have created something very special here, we wish them all the best and thank them for the opportunity to be just a little bit involved.
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