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Exhibition backdrop

Exhibition backdrop

So you have your floor area booked and the event is now just a few weeks away, "how do we create a wall to divide us from the other exhibitors" some one says.

Well the solution can be as easy or as difficult as you wish to make it.

When "Advanced" approached us it was clear they wanted a self set up display, liked the look of trussing and the fact that it was modular.

This meant that next year the components could be redesigned into an altogether different shape to fit the venue or another sized floor area.

It also had to be set up quickly and be very manageable so as not to need a huge installation team or large vehicle to get the system around.

Our lighter weight System 35 lighting gantry was just the ticket.

An aluminium truss made from 35mm diameter tube, spigot and pin connection with a solid central conical for low deflection rates.

May be you would like a simple trussing solution to enable you to set up your own exhibition stand and save those contractors fees?

Maybe you have a secondary use for it say a showroom or reception.

Maybe you see it as an investment, could you hire it out to neighbouring companies on your trading estate?

Maybe its time to give us a call and arrange to come and see us, there is nothing better that seeing and handling the merchandise.

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