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Exhibition carpet - cord and tufted.

Exhibition carpet - cord and tufted.

We are able to offer both supply only or supply and fit exhibition carpet for you at any UK exhibition or trade show event. We can offer you either single show usage cord carpet or our plush quality tufted carpet with hessian back that will last for a fair few events if stored and handled well. Both carpet ranges are from 4m wide rolls and we are able to cut custom lengths to any thing that you may require. Our tufted red carpet is just perfect for those swish events where the stars and dignitaries walk between two lines of elegant chrome stanchions with red rope cordons. We can also provide underlay if required, deep enough that cable runs can be cut into it for exhibition requirements, handy if you do not want to use a platform floor but still need those electrical cables hidden away under your floor area. Our range also includes special carpet tape for use at exhibition halls and other venues with wooden or concrete sub floors. This specialist tape is removable and can be taken up after the event so avoiding charges by the event organizer for it's removal.  
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