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Pop up exhibition counter

Pop up exhibition counter

When you are participating in an exhibition or trade show the probability is that you will need some form of exhibition furniture on your stands floor area, a plinth, a sofa, a table, a shelf unit or a counter. As with all exhibitions getting furniture to the venue can have its own logistical challenges involved too, so why not consider the portable kind of exhibition furniture. Furniture items that come in wheels bags and hard protective cases are a lot easier to get from A to B and if they are in a container will be less likely to pick up knocks in transit and storage later too. The pop up counter ticks all of these boxes and more, a compact and purpose built counter, branded with your own logos and images makes the perfect display at any trade show or publicity event. This is 1.29 metres wide 98.5cm high and only 15 kilos complete when packed away. The idea for this counter has come from the same technology that gave us the pop up display stand, a sound and proven collapsible frame work to which shelves, graphics and a counter top are fitted. Please watch this pop up counter video to see just how easy to use this exhibition counter system is. An exhibition counter unit as this can be produced and supplied in about 4 days at present.
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