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Exhibition furniture

Exhibition furniture

At all exhibitions, trades hows and events a counter or desk is a necessity, even if it is just a unit to stand behind and not look a spare part.

At every event you'll have a bunch of paper work a jacket or bag all need to be kept some where out of sight on occasion.

Our exhibition furniture is deigned to be quick and simple to set up but also afford a good arena for branding.

Being able to add an image or company logo, a new product image comes into its own with exhibition furniture designs.

You should never miss an opportunity to promote your company and its products, a counter will take up a small section of floor area which still has a cost and should be used appropriately.

We have a wide range of counter and desk styles and designs for all budget ranges.

We are able to offer a small amount of customisation too if you need a special height or width it can be done at a cost.

There are a range of standard additions to the units that can be added, everything from  an internal shelf to a cable management port.

We aim to supply all of our exhibition furniture within one week or order placement or receipt of digital graphics file.

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