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Fabric back drop banner.

Fabric back drop banner.

The use of printed fabrics in the exhibition and display industry is increasing year on year, the quality of colour depth, saturation and clarity of detail ( sharpness ) is much improved from even just a few years ago. The ability to fold up a large format digitally printed banner and pop it into a tiny box for transportation is an undeniable boon. The frame works are all modular, in light weight, high quality alluminium profiles, a few sections can be assembled in a matter of minutes thanks to specialist allen key fittings. We are able to construct custom transit case for the protection and storage for any aluminium modular display system. You do not need a degree in practical ability to set up these display systems and produce an eye catching and impressive structure. Set up is very easy, layout your sections on the floor, slot them together locking them in position, assemble the main body of the frame in this manner, now connect the base plates to the bottom edge. Take your fabric panel and lay it out across the frame work, you'll see the silicone bead edge, take this and press it into the channel that runs around the edge of the frameworks profile. Once you have completed this, tensioning from side to side to get the fabric taught you can raise the display and stand it upon it feet, simple. Stand back and admire. If you are not placing a free standing display as this back against a wall please consider adding a secondary stoplight backing fabric too, this will stop light coming through from the rear, say if you had a window behind. A window behind a single graphic system will reduce colour depth, the other option, add another graphic to the rear, these can be double sided displays too. If you are looking for a graphic back drop for a trade show, exhibition, conference or sales event then you really should consider a modular display stand with a quality fabric graphic.
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