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Fixing lights to shell scheme stands

Fixing lights to shell scheme stands

"So how do I clamp a light to a shell scheme exhibition stand"

The simple and obvious answer is a clamp, of which there are many available to choose from.

Almost all exhibitors start off by hiring a shell scheme booth at an exhibition hall for a trade show event.

In which case to can clamp your lighting to the ceiling lattice work to to the front header sign board.

These booths are made up from a few different aluminium profiles, each exhibition hall favours its own brand and aluminum profile sizes differ.

The trick is to find a clamp that can fix to all manner of things, not just the aluminium profile that the exhibition halls use in setting up there shell scheme stands.

What if there is no shell scheme, may be there is a timber frame or some other structural display strong enough for you to fix too..

What if you can only achieve a vertical fixing point and not a horizontal one.

Well with our clamp and pole system you will be able to fix to either, still being able to move the locations of each lighting fixture as you require too.

The lighting can be wired in series too so only one plus socket is required.

If you are looking for a clamp light solution for shell scheme stands talk to one of our specialists.

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