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Formulate tension fabric display stand

Formulate tension fabric display stand

The tension fabric display stand has become very popular and will continue to do so.

The aluminium sub frame is totally modular and this allows the same components to be used in other designs, bringing a fresh look to each event.

All you then need is a second set of fabric graphics to fit the new exhibition stand appropriate for the product you may be launching at the event or promoting another area of your company maybe.

Fabric displays are very forgiving when it comes to handling too, how many times have you dropped a solid panel or popup graphic at an event to mark or scratch it before the event even opens.

So you Dropped your fabric panel, just pick it up and squeeze that silicone bead edge into the rebate of the aluminium profile as if you never had.

Fabric graphics are all under tension and so this aids pull out any fold caused in dropping or storing any fabric between events.

But we do advise you roll all fabric graphics onto a media banner core to really keep them in there best condition for as long as possible.

If you are considering a tension fabric display stand for your next exhibition or trade show event please do contact Cokerexpo for a quote.

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