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Heavy duty display turntable

Heavy duty display turntable

This is the CS01.5 heavy duty turntable for large revolving displays.

This display turntable can rotate loads up to 1500 kilos, thats a motor cycle or small car.

This belt drive, mains powered display turntable unit has a turn plate size of 980mm square, the CS01.5 will carry a maximum centric load of 1500 Kilos.

This motor drive has a total height of 205mm and a rotating speed is 1.0 RPM, rotating in a clockwise direction.

If you are looking for a turntable that can rotate a display that is large and weighs over a tonne then may be this low noise display drive motor will suit your application.

Ideal for use in showrooms, exhibitions and events, a rotating display brings movement into your presentation or promotion and catches the publics eye to aid in raising sales.

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