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Light box displays

Light box displays

Display light boxes come in all manor of styles, types, sizes and build qualities. It is particularly true of these products that you do indeed get what you pay for. Usage applications ranging from exhibitions, trade shows, retail outlets, show rooms, receptions, museums and more. We are able to offer a full range of display light boxes that cover every thing from single to double sided units, traditional light tubes to LED, internal to external, standard off the shelf units to custom size light boxes. The more budget conscience end of the market in light boxes will only use a single tube, this is ok on a small unit which is not too wide, but on larger units this will cause a very visible hotspot. Budget slimline light boxes have tubes at two edges and a very special light diffuser plate as a backing panel, this spreads the light evenly across the display area. A step up in slimline takes you into the realms of LED lighting methods, boxes can be either edge lit or totally back lit with the Led's spread evenly across the whole backing board. Double sided light boxes are usually curved in design, floor standing totums being a good example. We have supplied many smaller curved light boxes along with wire cables for suspending from ceilings. Bespoke or custom light box units are possible in the traditional box style, fluorescent tubes are used in these, but we can also manufacture in Slimline using LED as a light source. If you are looking to get the best out of your graphics an even light source is an absolute must, your purchase decision should not be made on price alone. Graphics too can be produced on various media's, any thing from a standard print on paper to a top notch transparency will work in all our boxes. Many of these units use a quick and easy snap frame operation to secure the graphics and protective covering acrylic sheets in place. If you are consider external display, remember also the security aspect, some method to stop tampering or removal of your promotional materials if the light box is within easy reach.
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