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Lightbox boxes for events and exhibitions

Lightbox boxes for events and exhibitions

The above image shows a recent display system made for Swatcom, to be used at a Trade show Event and then installed to there Showroom.

The basic structure was a right angled trussing system made from our System 35 Trio range, quick and easy to set up and take down so ideal for events and exhibitions.

To this we fixed two large backlit light boxes with fabric graphics via so custom made clamping spacers.

All our freestanding light boxes are designed to allow double sided display but in this case we used a reflective backing sheet to increase illumination as the display was always to be set to walls.

If a light box may be to bright for any project you are considering incorporating both trussing and Tension fabric frames a standard front-lit fabric banner still gives considerable impact.

Thank you to Keith for use of the image above.

SWATCOM are manufacturers of premium quality hearing protection and communications solutions.

With over 20 years of experience we support a wide range of trade re-sellers supporting the Two-Way Radio, Hunting and Shooting, Arborist, PPE, Marine Rescue, Utilities, Emergency Services, Aviation, Confined Space, Military and Security Industries.

We also work closely with high profile end users to manufacture customised communications solutions to meet their individual needs.

Attending shows has been a fantastic opportunity to raise our brands profile, promote our products and engage with end users and fellow exhibitors.

By participating in shows we’re able to connect with a focused customer demographic and offer goods and services tailored to their needs.

Providing users with a premier product and experience is of the utmost importance to us, so by taking this opportunity to discuss our products with customers, we also gain valuable insights on how we can continue to improve and grow our products and our brand.

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