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Travel show, Lighting gantry hire for Business Design Center London

Travel show, Lighting gantry hire for Business Design Center London

This years Travel show at the Business Design Center in London was once again attended by Med sailors whom hired a lighting gantry system for this years promotional event. Last year we supplied, installed and removed the trussing system for them, but this year after seeing how it done Med sailors were able to complete the task them selves and a fine job they did too. The one day show held in Islington, London is always well attended by the young and adventurous looking for a challenge or a holiday that that bit different from the norm. If you are considering hiring a lighting gantry and taking care of the installation of it too, it really is not some thing to be terribly apprehensive about. We will supply you with a scale drawing showing the location of each truss length and junction, just take a moment on site to layout the junctions correctly and then fill in the beams. Decide on your method of build, either building the perimeter and then raising on to its legs or creating a goal post and adding on a right angle leg and horizontal beam as you go, easy. We are always on the end of the phone if a little aid is required. If you have hired lighting now is the time to place the fixtures in the correct locations and direct them, then it just a bit of cabling to deal with and we can power up an illuminate the stand. Remember all lighting should be fitted with a safety wire, some units can be over 3 kgs and if that drops from 3m high, ouch. Lastly the banners should be fitted to the truss system, held in place with cable ties usually, quick to us and remove.  
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