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Lighting truss at guns event.

Lighting truss at guns event.

The above image was very kindly sent in to ourselves from a client.

They had requested a modular exhibition system with the versatility to arrange in a multitude of floor areas and to extend with the addition of extra parts later on.

Our system 35 trio gantry suits that remit down to the ground.

Start of with a simple, basic perimeter and later on may be add the whistles and bells with top tier's or arcs.

Decide early on if you like the idea of flood lighting, spot lights or a mix to make up your exhibition lighting.

Halides are great for floods lots of bright light and now days Led for spots, I would not of said that even 3 years ago.

Sometimes a mix is good just to give a natural light colour, the days of heat yellow halogens are gone.

If it walls you need to define you from the neighbouring stand then big banners will do the job.

Thats about it, there is alway tinkering withe the structure that can be done to alter a design, but now it is time to get your products displayed before the event opens.

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