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Lighting truss for long term hire.

Lighting truss for long term hire.

May be you are looking to hire a lighting truss system for a month, may be even longer.

You have contemplated the option to purchase, but still the fact that you do not have the storage room at your business premises makes it a no go.

Yes, you will be paying a reasonable sum with nothing physical to show for it, but then the benefits and incoming business from the event could far out weigh and more than justify the expenditure.

Your exhibition floor area would not have been cheap, now you need something that looks the piece and draws peoples attention getting them onto your stand.

If you exhibition stand is bland and boring why would any one venture on to it to see all about your products.

If it's dark and gloomy they'll be unable to see what there intended to be looking at as well.

If your event is abroad it makes sense to rent the trussing system for a little longer period, have a dry run, iron out any issues, easier now than at the event with a few hours to over come them.

All our trussing is supplied in wheeled transit cases, affording it protection in transit and keeping everything all in one place.

When your at an event you really want to just get into the hall and get on with the installation, not spend ages and many journeys back and forth man handling heaps of truss and product.

We can supply you with scaled drawings and the location of each section to assemble your chosen design, we try and make it as easy as possible for you.

If you would like more information on long term truss hire and rental please do contact us.

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