Gantry Accesories

Gantry and truss accessories.

A growing range of gantry and truss accessories, here you will find clamps, single tube, lifting eyes, wall plates, brackets, cap ends, connectors, spacers, screen mounts and gantry tables. All suited to work with our System 35 and System 50 truss systems.

With Coker Exhibition's range of additional components we can come up with all manor of customization and adaptation to provide a solution to your specialist need in relation to your trussing needs.

There is always a solution when given enough thought, call and discuss 01256 768178.

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32-35mm Truss clamp for lighting and many other accessories

32-35mm lighting clamp 32-35mm gantry clamps for use with...£10.00

GT32 Aluminium tube

Aluminium tube for accessories 32mm Diameter Aluminium tube...£15.00

S35 Gantry lifting eye for flying rigs

S35 Gantry lifting eye for flying rigs Single gantry...£15.00

Light extender with clamp (not including lighting fixture)

Light extender Correct your lighting with Light extension...£14.00

Lighting truss sleeve for Trio gantry.

Lighting Truss Sleeve White lycra, velcro fixing cover.£27.00

Lighting truss table or shelf, 400mm diameter.

400mm dia gantry table Fixed to truss leg.£200.00

Plasma screen suspension for truss systems

Plasma screen suspension for truss systems Plasma screen...£110.00

Mushroom end conical for 35mm Diameter truss.

Mushroom end for System 35 gantry For system 35 trussing.£6.00

Conical connectors for System 35 Gantry

Connectors for System 35 Gantry set of three A set of three...£35.00

Threaded insert for 32mm diameter tube

32mm tube metal end fitting threaded Make extending...£4.50

Finishing cap for 32mm aluminium tube

Plastic end for 32mm tube Plastic end cap to tidy the end...£1.00

USE with S35 Trio and Quad tube lighting truss systems

S35 T Bar clamp for flying (suspended) rigs This T bar is...£70.00

S35 Wall Plate for supporting truss beams.

S35 Wall Plate A handy wall plate to drop system 35 trio...£150.00

50mm double tube clamp for exhibition gantry

Double clamp for system 50 Gantry S50DC Double clamps for...£25.00

S50SC - 50mm gantry clamps.

50mm gantry clamps S50SC Single 50mm wing nut clamp for...£15.00

Double Clamp for Aluminium tubes 32-35mm

Double clamp for system 35 Gantry S35DC Ideal for clamping...£18.00

Custom angles with a S35T Bookend Multi Junction.

S35T Bookend Multi Junction Book end truss junction.£200.00

Heavy base plate for trio lighting truss S35.

XL Gantry Base Plate XL base plate for trio and quad truss...£160.00

Lighting truss legs and beams wrapped in digital colour graphics for trio Truss.

Gantry leg wraps 32mm - 35mm - 50mm Trio truss graphic...£45.00